Why I Wrote My First Books

From time to time I have been asked what prompted me to write a book and how did I choose the topic for my book(s). I would like to say that the reasoning centers on a life-changing event or experience, but that is not the case. 

I’ve always been a writer of sorts. I have had numerous articles appear in a variety of publications. I have produced newsletters and informational materials for over 40 years in a multitude of environments. I enjoy writing. Never considered myself an expert but have been able to influence a few people from time to time.

My first book, THOUGHTS ALONG THE WAY, was actually the result of a self-development process I created for myself. I used to listen to a virtual cafeteria of motivational and informational tapes because I was seemingly always in my vehicle driving from point A to point Z. They worked fine, but I was not getting all that I should. I had been a collector of quotes for many years and decided one day to organize them into a notebook that I then broke down by calendar days, in hopes of using those as a daily guide for inspiration.

As I was working on this quote assembly, I began to think about what was really important for some level of success in life. I pondered what had guided and directed me. In doing so, I arrived at 12 key essentials that I felt were important for some level of success or direction in life. I took these 12 keys, beginning with attitude and ending with happiness, and arranged my quotes to fall under the various categories. Afterwards, I explored how each should be presented. I wanted each month's theme and content to build with greater meaning toward realizing the essence of what I felt was most important, happiness. 

To challenge my daily thinking process, I developed some questions from my experiences and used them regularly. My "Think BIG" philosophy includes the belief that we use as much energy thinking in a bigger manner as we do in pondering doom and gloom. Therefore, the more you can think expansively, the more effective you will become in virtually any endeavor you pursue.

Close to my retirement, a couple of people inquired about the “book” that I use to address my daily actions. Someone suggested that I turn it into a “real” book. After retirement, when I had some time, that is what I did. Shortly afterwards, I then complied the 12 life traits that guided my efforts into a companion eBook.

My intention for both of these publications (available on Amazon) is simply to help others better direct their daily actions with a specific goal in mind for each day. It is a very important success principle to direct our efforts with daily inspiration because there is always some level of adversity awaiting. However you fill your initial morning minutes can have a vital impact on how your day unfolds. I want my books to have the same positive impact on others that they provided for me. If you can begin with a great attitude and confidently propel yourself through challenges, you can indeed reach a level of happiness. This is what I feel, deep down within everyone, is a vital quest. We all deserve happiness in our lives.

Napoleon Hill once said, “There are no limitations to the mind except those we acknowledge.” So, it is time to stop selling yourself short and to start expanding your thinking on what your true purpose in life is. Then set about bringing that purpose into reality. My hope is that what I have shared in my books will enable everyone to have a strong starting point in that endeavor.

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