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Herman Dixon is an author, speaker, facilitator and advisor who resides in the Charleston, SC metro area. He brings nearly 50 years of practical business experience from a varied range of entrepreneurial and corporation settings. His work focuses on assisting those who strive to reach higher levels of excellence in their professional and personal endeavors. 

Affectionately known as the “Hermanator”, for his ability to tackle tough issues and seemingly winless situations, Dixon has helped business owners, leaders, managers, teams and other executives to become more impactful in their roles and achieve clarity in their vision and mission. 

As an author and speaker, Herman has opened the inquisitive minds of others to workable solutions and the inspiration to better discover the true meaning of a happy life and the enthusiasm to positively impact others. His various articles and programs clearly reflect his hands-on practical work experience.  

As a facilitator, Herman has enabled many to better understand the need and impact of such things as strategic planning, the true essence of leadership and the impact of an ethical approach in professional and personal disciplines. 

His current book, Thoughts Along the Way, is a valuable resource for individual and leaders alike to better tackle the stresses and demands of life and career. His forthcoming books, Confessions of A Poor Country Boy, The 12 Traits for Effective Living and Achievement provide a practical supplement to Herman’s contention that within everyone there lies the answer to personal success. It simply needs to be “mined” properly so that its rise to the surface builds a lasting foundation for achievement to grow. 

Herman Dixon
Author, Speaker, Executive Advisor
ShelterBox Hall of Fame Member
President's Volunteer Service Award

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